Welcome to our Parents page. Chances are, when you first became a parent, you also realized how much your life changed. And all without an instruction manual! No matter how much you had read, heard or experienced, nothing can truly prepare you for the irreversible transformation that parenthood brings. And should you be a parent who discovers their child has a significant challenge, again, no one who has not been in your situation can even begin to truly understand what that means. And that is why this page has been designed; to help you along your path without having to re-invent the wheel. 

Tips and insights, special deals or discounts, and anything else we have found that may help you navigate to a successful outcome for your family have been included here. And please, if you have come across something helpful, email us so we can pass that information on as well, thank you!
My Story
It is important to know that if you have recently been told “your child has autism”, that tens of thousands of parents have been through this and survived – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Be
Let’s face is not hard to believe that in raising children all parents endure a fair amount of tension, interrupted by occasional periods of intense stress. That’s life. But if
discounts, deals & special offers
BC Ferries - Autistic children and their attendant(parent) can travel half-price on any of the BC Ferries.  Application for the BC Ferries Disabled Status Card may be made by going to the
Lending Library
Lending Library We are so excited to announce the opening of our Lending Library.  It is located at Volunteer Nanaimo on Barons Road. We have over 250 books, for children to read, DVD’s,
Julie Olsen Memorial - Bursary Application
   We now have an application form for the Julie Olsen Memorial Bursary for $1,000.  This is for continuing education for a person officially diagnosed with Autism.   ~ If